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To begin the year, we will review the elements of fiction and non-fiction. We will listen to several short stories from Unit 1 in both our Pearson textbook and our Collections textbook during class,  and we will focus on identifying various elements of literature and determine how those elements help our comprehension. 

Our focus in grammar for Quarter 1 will be on reviewing parts of speech and writing well-developed paragraphs. Students will be expected to write a topic sentence with 3-4 details sentences that follow, further supporting their main idea. We will finish up the quarter by writing our first essay of the year!

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My 6th grade students will use various materials this year to cover 6th grade math concepts. We will take both short-term quizzes after every 2-3  lessons, and we will also take unit tests at the end of each module. The following topics will be discussed Quarters 1 and 2: Integers, Factors and Multiples, Rational Numbers, Operations with Fractions, Operations with Decimals, Representing Ratios and Rates, Applying Ratios and Rates, and Percents.