Ms. Vega
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Welcome to Social Studies Room 9
(224) 612-7672

Students read, analyze and interpret fiction, nonfiction and informational text. Students learn and apply academic vocabulary.  Effective communication skills through speaking, listening, reading, and writing are practiced primarily through the Holt McDougal's Collections and World History Ancient Civilizations programs. The reading selections, online features, and program activities are enjoyable and challenging. 

Classroom Climate & Expectations: 
Social goals are based on the "3Bs" (be respectful, be responsible, be ready to learn.) Communication through active and respectful listening, and careful and thoughtful responses (written and verbal) are classroom values. Positive interpersonal skills build confidence and enhance the learning environment.

Rules and Reminders:

  1. Bring required materials to class (be prepared)
  2. Stay on task and work diligently to produce complete, high-quality work
  3. Complete all work to the best of your ability; homework is practice, effort is expected
  4. Use think time, raise your hand, and wait to be called upon
  5. Respect classroom setting and materials
  6. Respect classmates' right to learn
  7. Demonstrate knowledge through work as well as through participation