Chorus & General Music - Mr. Flowers


All 6th, 7th and 8th grade RTMS students are able to participate in Chorus. 6th grade Chorus meets every day during 3rd period, and 7th/8th grade Chorus meets every day during 5th period. Both groups meet for the entire school year.
 Any students who joined Band or Orchestra can also participate in Chorus, they would just participate once a week. 

Chorus performs at 4 school concerts as well
as other events during the 2017-18 school year:

Fallapalooza Chorus Concert (at Hersey) - Wednesday, Oct. 11th
Kick-Off Concert - Monday, Oct. 16th
Performance at Board of Education Meeting (RTMS) - Tuesday, Dec. 12th
Chorus, Band, Bucket, Steel, Jazz Band Concert - Monday, Dec. 18th
Chorus, Bucket Band, Steel Band Concert - Monday, March 19th
Chorus, Orchestra, Band Concert (4th-6th grade) - Wednesday, May 9th
Chorus, Orchestra, Band Concert (7th & 8th grade) - Thursday, May 17th