Physical Education

Physical Education 
For The Health of It !

Physical Education at River Trails Middle school promotes sportsmanship, team work and a positive attitude toward life-long participation in physical activity. The curriculum includes activities that build skills; increase physical fitness and expand students knowledge of a variety of sports and games. It also develops an appreciation of the human body as it moves and increases the understanding of the importance of daily physical activity. Students learn about their bodies in relationship to movement and physical fitness.


Physical Education is a state requirement. Students must participate everyday in physical education class.

*One day parent note for an excused missed day
*Doctor note needed if student needs to miss more than one day.
*All students are expected to dress everyday in a RTMS Physical Education      uniform,socks and proper athletic shoes.
*Students should bring sweat shirt pants gloves and hat for outside activities.

Students can purchase additional PE uniforms at any point during the school year.

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