Field Practice Schedule

Please note that this is all subject to change depending on weather, coach availibility, etc. We will communicate at the beginning of every week and remind daily about when field practices are to take place. Field Schedule 2018

Shotput/Discus (start 4/3 boys & girls)

-Most days 3-3:50 during running practice (for those not in any track events)

-Wednesday & Thursday from 3:50-4:30 for those in track events or want extra practice

Hurdles (start 4/3 - Boys & Girls introductory)

-Monday - 3:50-4:30 (Boys)

-Wednesday - 3:50-4:30 (Girls)
-Fridays from 3-3:50 (Coaches choice)

Long Jump (start 4/3 or 4/4 - Boys & Girls introductory)

-Monday - 3:50-4:30

-Wednesday - 3:50-4:30

-Thursday - 3:50-4:30

  • All Long Jump Practices are weather dependent, may be cancelled last second

High Jump (start 4/9 - will be introduced in PE)

-Monday - 6:45 AM

-Thursday - 6:45 AM (go to cafeteria from 7:30-8:30)

-Friday - 6:45 AM (4” and higher jumpers only - more advanced)

-No jumps before meets, high jumpers need to jump during scheduled practice times

Shotput, discus, hurdles, and long jump may be available to practice before meets with coach supervision. High jump will not be practiced before meets.