Class Expectations

Gym Rules
1. Students are expected to be on time and dressed in the PE uniform daily

2. Follow all directions the first time given, warnings should not be needed

3. Keep all body parts to yourself at all times

4. Must follow all physical education attire rules

5. Harassment, profanity, put downs, horseplay, ignoring safety will not be tolerated! This is all  NON-NEGOTIABLE. Please report these incidents immediately to Coach Kuperman

6. Please line up against the bleachers or sit on your number at the end of class (No crowding the door!)

Physical Education Attire
1. A complete change of clothing is required. Students may NOT wear their school clothes under or over their PE uniform

2. Students must wear sneakers to participate

3. Warmer clothing will be needed in the fall and spring. Students can bring sweatpants and a hoodie (preferably with no zipper) and keep them in their PE locker

4. Please keep your PE clothes clean. Students should take home their uniforms once per week. It is always the student's responsibility to bring the uniform back to school.

5. Deodorant should be kept in the PE locker, as well as a couple extra pairs of socks.

6. You may purchase an additional uniform if you would like.

Locker Room Rules
1. The locker room is to be used for dressing at the beginning and end of class only, as well as for sports before and after school

2. Each student will have their own locker, they are not to share their combinations with anyone

3. Students are to lock their lockers at all times while not in the locker room

4. Students are responsible for putting their own uniforms/shoes/personal items in their own

lockers daily. Anything laying out will be placed in the lost and found.

5. No cellphones, open chromebooks, or other electronic devices allowed inside

6. Passes will not be given to students for their next class unless class runs late