Ms. Lasoski
In my 8th grade advanced English classes students will use higher level thinking skills to evaluate, analyze, and discuss multiple types of literature. In addition, students will learn new vocabulary, polish their writing skills through daily writing practice and creating original essays, expand their knowledge of grammar, and practice their public speaking skills while using technology to enhance their presentations.

In my social studies class, students will delve into history starting with the Roaring Twenties and traveling through to the present. Students will learn about the motivations that caused wars, created treaties, brought new technology, and shaped the culture of our country and around the world. Students will debate, analyze, read nonfiction, use technology to enhance their presentations, and write about their findings.

Students and parents can check my calendar for upcoming dates of tests and projects, daily homework assignments, and my availability for additional help.

Students are welcome to email me with questions on their homework or to set up a time for additional help that is not listed on the calendar.

Please use Schoology to see what is happening in my class.

Please feel free to contact me any time at or (224) 612-7638.