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Science: 7th Grade Policies and Expectations Welcome: - This syllabus outlines the expectations for science for this year.  Everyday: You will need to bring to class: a pencil, a pen/pencil, your notebook, calculator and your assignment note-book  HOMEWORK: Always check the left corner of the board for the day’s assignment. Homework is due at the beginning of class. Work turned in during or after class will be considered late. Late homework will be accepted the following day but 10% of total credit will be deducted each day. (For example, if you earn an 80% on an assignment but it is a day late, your grade will be a 70%.) A pre-lab will be assigned for some experiments prior to the lab and must be completed by the date required in order to participate in the lab. If this pre-lab is not completed, you will be unable to participate in the lab during class and you must make up the lab; your lab will also be considered late.  PRESENTATION OF YOUR WORK: ? All science work must be completed in pencil or blue/black pen only.  ? All paper must be neat and not have any torn or frayed edges.  ? All assignments must have a proper heading of your name, date, and class period. No name, no credit. Any papers found with no name will be placed in the “no-name” pile near the windows. This pile is recycled every other week.  Don’t forget your name!  IF YOU ARE ABSENT: If you are absent or miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to see me and make up any missing notes, assignments, or labs. If these assignments and labs are not made-up, you will receive a zero.  SAFETY: ? It is vital that you follow all directions while using materials and performing experiments. Dangerous behavior puts EVERYONE at risk and will not be tolerated. If you are told to sit out during a lab due to dangerous behavior you will receive a zero for that lab. You will be given an alternative in-class assignment in place of the laboratory assignment.  ? Safety goggles must be worn for labs involving hazardous materials. No exceptions will be made.  ? Long hair must be “tied back”.  ? All students are required to push in their chair when they get up from their seat. Keep all aisles clear of books and feet in case of an emergency.  CURRICULUM: The 7th grade science curriculum focuses on life science and physics. The following topics will be discussed during the year: o Lab safety o The Nature of Science (scientific method, variables, etc.) o Measurement o Cells o Cell Chemistry and processes o Physics: motion and force o Classification o Life origins o Microbiology: bacteria, viruses, protists, fungi o Comparative anatomy: simple animals to vertebrates GRADES: o Tests and quizzes: 40% of total grade o Labs: 35% of total grade o Homework, classwork and small projects: 25% of total grade  PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ALL 7th GRADE STUDENTS: ? Check your grades on Power School, for all your classes, at least once a week. Ask your homeroom teacher if you need your Power School password. ? Speak to your teachers if you have any concerns of any kind. You have a right to feel safe and welcome in your school. Teachers are here to help you. You are not alone.   Ask for help if you feel confused about your school work. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you will understand and the better you will feel.  To Parents and Guardians: Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns, or just want to check in from time to time about your student. Please check Power School periodically for grade updates and encourage your child tospeak with me if there are any concerns.  Thank you.  Mr. Russ Pedersen
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