General Information & Team Rules

Academic and Behavioral Expectations:

All members of the team and their guardians are expected to sign and follow the behavior and academic expectation form used by River Trails Middle School.  Please read the attached form and return it signed as soon as possible.


Practice is daily from 3-3:50. Athletes participating in field/specific events like high jump, long jump, hurdles, shotput, and discus will be practicing in the morning or until 4:30 certain days.Athletes not participating in field events will be expected to either take the activity bus home or have a ride waiting for them at 3:50.


Once a student commits to being a member of the track team, they should attend every practice within reason. If they are participating in another sport, inside or outside of school, please notify us immediately of any conflicts and we can make it work. We understand that sometimes an athlete must miss practice due to sickness or family emergencies.  If a student-athlete misses practice when they do not have an excused absence from school, we should be made aware of that via email or a note. If a student chooses to miss practice for any other reason, it will be considered unexcused. If a student continues to have unexcused absences they will be dismissed from the team. Do not come up to a coach at 3:00 and say you cannot make practice that day!

* Students must attend at least a ½ day of school to participate in practice or a meet scheduled on that day.  


Practices are an essential part of being on the track team.  At practices, athletes will be taught important skills such as conditioning, stretching, technique, form, while also learning about different track events and the strategies involved.  It is necessary for all athletes to come to practice prepared.  We WILL be running outside every day, even when there is light rain.  Athletes should have plenty of layers to dress in every day.  During March and the beginning of April, we expect that students will bring a hat and gloves as well as two to three layers of clothing for practices.  The only times we will not be running outdoors is if it is below 30° F or if there is lightning in the sky.  If an athlete is not appropriately dressed for the weather, he/she will be asked to leave practice resulting in an unexcused absence.

Even in warm weather, it is important that students bring layers to put on and take off.  If the day is 60° and sunny at 3:00, oftentimes, by 3:30 the temperature has dropped and clouds have covered the sun.  This is especially important during the meets as the temperature change throughout the day is very evident and often times students are not prepared for this. Additionally, the school dress code does still apply during track.


Students are responsible for bringing their own water bottles; we highly suggest students have a water bottle at all meets and practices. Students should make a strong effort to eat healthy and stay hydrated throughout the day.


All student-athletes must have a physical on file in the school health office. Physicals are good for 395 days. If you need to get one, try to get this done as soon as possible.

Behavior at Practices and Meets:

Students at track practice and/or meets are expected to follow the school rules at all times.  We expect all athletes to use appropriate language at all times!  We also expect everyone to come to practice and meets prepared to participate fully.  Cutting parts of long-distance runs will not be tolerated, nor will walking during workouts.  At a meet, leaving before you have run all of your events is not allowed without notifying a coach.  Any athlete leaving a meet prior to finishing all of their events will not be allowed to participate in the next meet.  If an athlete chooses not to participate fully in practice, he/she will be asked to leave practice, resulting in an unexcused absence.


Track meets can run fairly long.  You can expect the average meet to run approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours.  We would ask that all athletes remain at the meets until it is over, within reason. However, we understand this is not always possible.  In the event that an athlete needs to leave early, he/she must check out with the assigned adult supervisor or a coach. If you are in a relay, you should stay until your relay has ran their race.

We are limited to how many athletes can participate in each event.  Therefore, a student will not be penalized for missing a meet as long as they do not commit to attending it (All athletes must be available to participate in the conference, sectional, and state meets if they qualify).  

The following dates are not optional.  All athletes must be available to attend meets on the following days (if they’re selected/qualify). Each meet will start at 9 AM:

Saturday, May 5th at Wheeling High School  – Conference meet

Saturday, May 12th at Hersey High School  – Sectional meet

Friday and Saturday, May 18th & 19th in East Peoria – State Meet