Boys Basketball

7th Grade Steve Letzig 8th Grade Jim Kuperman

Congratulations to the following boys that made the 7th grade team for the 2018 season.  I will see you tomorrow at 4:30 for practice.  You will receive the schedule and required forms at that time. 

Angelo Capanigro
Bryan Hatch
Bryant Moscoso
Chase Jordan 
Derek Steinert
Evan Fahey
Frank Cascella
Greg Kubon
Jacob Mani
Lucas Cekic
Peter Spillson
Ryan Steinert
Tyler Ackerman
Wesley Koeppl

Congratulations to the following boys who have made the 8th grade team for the 2018 school year.  Honestly, one of the best and most competitive tryouts I have seen at this level. Practice is tomorrow night from 6-7:30, all student-athletes will get the paperwork and schedule then. The following practice will be Thursday at 6 AM. First game is Monday, November 5th at Cooper. If you are interested in being a manager, please send me an email explaining why you want to be one.

Alek Banklian
Rory Broderick
David Denten
Aidan Gazda
Max Janczak
Nathan Jimenez
Chris Joby
Carson Naegele
Tyler Naegele
Evan Naumowicz
Logan Riley
Alex Spalding 

 Practice and game schedules will be given to the student-athletes who make the team. The first game will be on Monday, November 5th against Cooper.