1. Find a song by the Beatles or Monkees (NOT I'm a Believer) from 1966 or 1967. Your group needs to sing a few lines to one of the teachers and they will give you a clue.

  2. What is a "baby boomer"?
    A O E

  3. What did the “casualty figures” from Viet Nam that were shown on the news each night represent?
    R N
  4. Who was Walter Cronkite?
    I O S
  5. Who was Leonoid Brezhnev?
    I O S
  6. Who was Fidel Castro?
    I O S
  7. Who was Chatty Cathy?
    O A C
  8. Who was Bob Hope’s USO audience?
    E T i
  9. Which one of these TV shows was not one of the top 5 shows in 1967?
    V G D T
  10. Who were the Democratic and Republican candidates in the 1968 presidential election?