We just started a new novel, Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn. which is a political satire. Over the course of this novel, we will have many deep discussions. The culminating project will be a PSA on one of the issues discussed throughout the novel. Next month we start the HERO Unit where students will be reading, researching, and writing about American heroes as well as everyday heroes in their lives. Our Celebration of Heroes on May 3rd will be our culminating activity. Come join us for this event!

Word Within the Word
We begin where last year left off. Students will continue to use their knowledge of stems to learn new words. Remember this is a cumulative book, so students will have tests every 5-6 weeks on any words and stems covered throughout the year. 

Magic Lens
As our unit on punctuation draws to a close, students will be asked to take all of the grammar and punctuation skills discussed thus far and use them to create interesting writing examples.

Students will be completing several writing assignments third quarter including informative, persuasive, and narrative writing.

​Social Studies
Having completed our unit on WWII, students will learn about the beginnings of the Cold War as well as the start of Civil Rights in America.

Don't forget to check my calendar for upcoming deadlines, tests/quizzes, and important events. This is also where you can find my before and after school availability for help.