About Mrs. Golko

Mrs. Golko

I received my undergrad education at The Ohio State University and began my career subbing for every grade from K to 12 and every subject imaginable. I also taught 4th and 6th grade before coming to RTMS; this is my 15th year here. While teaching 7th grade, I was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship to the Illinois Resource Center where I studied for an endorsement in ESL; I continued at National Louis and completed a Masters degree there. I have been teaching 6th grade Advanced ELA since the program began. My husband and I have two adult children; both are in the entertainment business. When I'm not working on school-related projects, I enjoy reading for our RTSD Book Club and cooking meals with my husband. I also schedule in regular exercise at my Jazzercise classes every week. I continue to enjoy my work with middle school students--there is never a dull day!