Welcome Letter

Welcome to Mrs. Schmidt’s Room!

 Welcome to River Trails Middle School!  6th grade is going to be a great year.  Here are some tips for having a successful year.

 The 3 B’s:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Ready to Learn

Classroom Behavior Expectations

  1. Bring your materials to class.
  2. Be in your seat before the bell rings.
  3. Use positive comments only.
  4. Raise your hand and wait to be called upon to speak.
  5. Focus on learning.

Rewards and Consequences:

Students found to be following the classroom expectations and the 3 B’s will be rewarded with ROCs. ROCs are awarded for Recognition of Outstanding Character.

Power School:

Grades will be updated regularly on PowerSchool.  Please sign in regularly to keep updated on your grades and see me if you have any questions on an assignment’s grade. 

Homework Hotline:

You can go online to check the "homework hotline" after 4:00 P.M. to check on each day's homework assignment.  https://www.rtsd26.org/school/rtms/hhotline

Missed Work due to Absences:

You will receive extra time to complete any assignments missed due to absences.

Assignments assigned when you are present for class are expected to be handed-in when you return from your absence.


Students caught cheating on a homework assignment, quiz, or test will receive a failing grade and a detention.  The student who let them copy his/her work will also receive a failing grade and a detention.


You will have a variety of assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests graded using the following grade scale:

A              94-100

A-           90 - 93

B+          87 - 89

B            83 - 86

B-           80 - 82

C+         77 - 79

C            73 - 76

C-           70 - 72

D+         67 - 69

D            63 - 66

D-           60 - 62

F             0 - 59

 Homework Policy

  1. Homework is to be finished by the beginning of class.
  2. All assignments are to be completed in pencil and corrected in pen.
  3. Assignments that are turned in late will result in a 10% per day deduction from the grade received up to 50% offAssignments NOT handed-in by the end of a unit will receive 0% credit.
  4. Assignments are to be turned in before leaving class for sectionals or it will be considered late.
  5.  Please use the proper heading format for all assignments.  Grade will be reduced for assignments with no name or incorrect heading.
  6.   Please see me if you miss class due to illness or sectionals so that I may give you the assignment you missed.

Let’s have a great and successful school year!

 Mrs. Schmidt

*If you have any questions this year, please feel free to contact me (224) 612-7660 or contact me by email at dschmidt@rtsd26.org.